Visits to Patients

Visiting Hours in Wards

General Wards Weekdays Weekends and Holidays
6p.m. ~ 8p.m. 10a.m. ~ 12:00p.m.
6p.m. ~ 8p.m.
ICUs ICU-1 11a.m. ~ 11:30a.m. Weekdays and Holidays

Waiting room for the caregivers of ICU patients

The caregivers of ICU patients can use the waiting room.

A visit to a patient

  • Before getting in the room, wash your hands to prevent infection.
  • The acceptance of a visit depends upon the patient’s conditions. Also, a group visit may not be allowed.
  • Do not sit on the patient’s bed.
  • The visit may not be allowed in case the patient is in poor condition.
  • Flowers, flowerpots, pets and outside food are not permitted in the sickroom.

Restrictions that may be imposed on a person who:

  • Is in danger of infecting a disease with other patients or visitors;
  • Has an acute gastrointestinal infection, namely diarrhea and stomachache;
  • Has skin lesions;
  • Has recently come in contact with a patient with an infectious disease;
  • Is under observation or protection;
  • Is pregnant;
  • Is 70 or older or 12 or younger;
  • Is in an immunocompromised state.