Outpatient Consultation

Consultation Hours

8:30a.m. ~ 5p.m. on weekdays / 8:30a.m. ~ 12:00p.m. on Saturdays

Procedure for Outpatient Consultation

Application (the front desk on the 1st or 2nd floor)

  • If you want to consult the doctor that very day, show your certificate of alien registration and check in at the desk.
  • If you make an appointment by phone, tell the receptionist at the front desk about your appointment. Then, show your certificate of alien registration or tell the patient registration number.

Consultation (Outpatient Ward on the 1st and 2nd floors)

  • Visit the office of the doctor who will counsel you. If you need to get an exam or your prescription after consulting the doctor, you will be guided there. You can make the next appointment in case of need.

Payment for Consultation (the front desk on the 1st or 2nd floor)

  • After consulting the doctor, show your filling receipt at the front desk and pay for consultation. Get the receipt for payment. Take a number and wait for your turn to get the prescription. At the next visit, show the appointment form that you took at the front desk.

Additional Exams and Prescriptions

  • In-Hospital Medication
    Check the medication code written on the receipt for payment, and go to the hospital pharmacy on the 1st floor. When your number is displayed on the board, show your number and get your drugs.
  • Prescription
    Using the barcode on the upper right of the receipt, get a prescription from the automatic prescription printer on every floor.
  • Injection
    Go to the outpatient injection room on the 1st floor, and show the receipt.
  • Exams
    Go to the room where you will get an exam, and show the receipt. Blood tests (the blood test room on the 1st floor), endoscopy (the digestive endoscopy room on the 1st floor), electrocardiography (the ECG room on the 1st floor), etc.
  • Radiography
    Apply for radiography at the front desk in the division of radiology on the 1st floor. You can get a MRI scan, a CT scan, a PET-CT scan, a MDCT scan or digital angiography on the 1st basement.