Director’s Greetings

Kim Yong Nam, Director of Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital at the Catholic University of Korea

Kim Yong Nam, Director of Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital at the Catholic University of Korea

Welcome to the homepage of the Catholic University of Korea, Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital, and thank you for your visiting.

Since being founded in 1969, our hospital has been contributing to the healthy life of the community by volunteering medical services with full love, a huge respect for human life, and the spirit of fraternization, consonance, sharing and service based on the evangelical mind of Jesus the Healer. With this, our hospital has been a backbone of medical institutions in central Korea.

We aim to provide all human beings with holistic healthcare services based on human dignity, and thus we do our utmost to treat patients’ physical diseases as well as to heal them of their mind and spirit by giving them a state of balance and peace of mind. In addition, we have our best to give our neighbors evangelical love and guard their health, volunteering at hospices, doctorless villages and others.

We have built patients’ trust in a long history and a deep-rooted tradition, and have outstanding medical staff. They provide high-quality healthcare services, strive for research and development, and greatly contribute to medical advancement by carrying out a variety of clinical researches and releasing treatises at home and abroad.

Furthermore, we equip our hospital with hi-tech medical devices in order to cope with rapidly changing medical circumstances and satisfy a high demand for healthier life. With such devices, we have set up the healthcare system with priority given to respective centers. We will constantly evolve and will be an advanced medical institution.

In line with these goals, we will always make efforts to satisfy patients and impress them under the catchphrase ‘Your hospital that gives you love and gains your trust – the Catholic University of Korea, Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital.’ We will sincerely take service with our neighbors who have a look of God.

We, all professors and medical staff, will always bear the mission of our hospital in mind, and will do our best to exterminate diseases and restore health. We ask for your continuous interest, consideration and support.

We wish for God’s love and peace on each and every one of you.

  • Philosophy
    Evangelical love
  • Mission
    Holistic healthcare based on evangelical love
  • Core Values
    Respect for life, evangelical medical service, patients-centered holistic healthcare, the formation of a hospitable community, and the cultivation of mature, able practitioners