Comprehensive Health Promotion Center

The Comprehensive Health Promotion Center at Daejeon St. Mary’s Hospital invites authoritative professors, who personally give checkups to patients, analyze the results, and have consultations with them.

Sustainable Healthcare

For a patient who need to treatment, a medical cooperation network is immediately set up with the division of outpatient care. The professors of medicine joined the banner of patients-centered evangelical and holistic healthcare services in order to keep you healthy.

Patient-Specific Checkups

The medical staff retrospectively analyzed checkups that a patient has had in the last 5 years, and then brings judgment considering the case history of the patient and drugs that the patient is taking. We do not put weight on giving notice of results but giving personalized checkups

The Most Advanced Medical Equipment

Our hospital is equipped with the most advanced devices such as a PET-CT scanner, a 256-channel dual source CT scanner and a MRI scanner, with which our medical staff can promptly deal with patients and minimize errors, and so they can make accurate diagnosis and give the most appropriate treatments.


  • Comprehensive Checkups – for persons in their 40s or older; a health expert makes a list.
  • Economical Checkups – minimum checkups for persons in their 20s or younger
  • Packaged Checkups – focused on respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and musculoskeletal systems; plus bariatric exams.
  • Single Checkup – cancer screening, and genetic testing
  • Special Checkups – for couples who are about to get married, and life expectancy calculation
  • Overnight-Stay Checkups

Optional Checkups

A patient who had regular checkups can get additional checkups taking his or her age or physical conditions into consideration. Additional checkups come at a cost.

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