Issue of Certificates

Preparations to get the original of a certificate

  • Every certificate is issued in accordance with Clause 2 of Article 21 of the Medical Service Act. The first issue of a certificate can be issued only by the doctor who dealt with the patient whom the certificate indicates, and it is issued after the doctor counsels the patient himself or herself (take your ID card and; if you are a soldier, take an ID picture).
  • In cases where the patient is dead or has fallen into unconsciousness or has mental illness, his or her family (parents, grandparents, spouse, spouse’s parents, sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters) can apply for issue. If the patient is a minor aged less than 13, his or her family or legal representative can apply for it. The required documents are the same as the issue of a copy.
  • For a work capacity medical certificate, a certificate of mental and physical disability, a medical referral and a transfer letter, the issue of copies is not permitted.

Preparations to get a copy

Submit the certificate of alien registration to Certificates Issuing Office (1st floor), and then get the copy

Copies of Medical Images

  • Procedure for getting a copy of CD
    1. Visit Reference Room in Division of Radiology, taking your certificate of alien registration.
    2. Pay for the copy at Certificate Issuing Office on the 1st floor.
    3. Get the CD at Reference Room.
  • An inpatient can ask a nurse in the ward.
  • In accordance with Article 15 of the Medical Service Act, the medical record of a patient is kept for 5 years after the patient’s final visit to the hospital.

Request for pathological materials

Pathological materials are limited to histopathology slides, cytopathology slides, immunostained slices, specially stained slices and unstained slices.

Procedure for request

  1. Outpatient: apply to the related division / Inpatient: apply to the nurses’ office, and fill in the form.
  2. Consult your attending doctor about the material.
  3. Submit documents to Division of Pathology on the 3rd floor in Clinical Research Laboratory, and ask for the pathological material.
  4. After paying for it, get it.


  • Paraffin blocks are excluded from pathological materials.
  • If the slices are many, the most distinguishing slide is selected.
  • Histopathology slice: 10,000 won per slide.
  • After prescription and the receipt of payment, the slices are remade in Division of Pathology
  • Cytopathology slide: 20,000 won per case (storage fee) – Because cytopathology slides cannot be remade, they should be returned.
  • After returning the slide, get the storage fee back (return it within one month).