Emergency Treatment

  • As soon as you and your caregiver visit the hospital, the medical staff identifies your symptoms and then asks the caregiver to go through a consultation procedure (the front desk at the emergency room).
  • Do not forget to bring the certificate of alien registration. The certificate makes good progress.
  • After identifying your symptoms, the medical staff decides which division to send you. At the division, you will get various exams and dosed with medicines at the direction of the doctor. In case of need, you may get additional treatments.
  • If you need to be hospitalized, go through a procedure at the front desk. Then, you will be transferred from the emergency room to a ward.
  • Before being discharged, pay for treatment at the front desk. Then, check with an ER nurse to make sure that you can return home. Take medicine for discharge, and get everything with you.
  1. Go through a consultation procedure in a division
  2. Consult the doctor, and fill in the form (the related division)
  3. Evidential documents – Get them after paying for documents at the front desk