Procedure for Checkups

  1. Appointment and Application: phone for an appointment, visit the hospital, and apply for checkups.
  2. Consultation: Consult your doctor about your diseases and conditions before having checkups.
  3. Payment: Pay for the checkups at the front desk.
  4. Checkups are given according to the procedure.
  5. Consultation about the results, and the next appointment with additional payment (if necessary)

Consultation Hours

  • Consultation Hours: 8 a.m. ~ 12 a.m. on weekdays
  • Time Required: about 3 hours (it takes a longer time to have special checkups)

Notification of the Results

  • Checkup-expert professors analyze the results and counsel the patient about them.
  • A patient who has difficulty visiting the hospital can be given the results by mail or notified of the results by phone.
  • A patient who needs to have treatment for a detected problem can have a doctor’s appointment at a convenient time.

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